Stuart Rathbone

1) Harold Barclay – People Without Government
Game changing book for me, and leading me into loads of interesting places

2) Simon James – The Atlantic Celts
Excellent example of unpicking lots of unsupported evidence and finding something different hiding in the data

3) Stephen Mithens – After the Ice
Comprehensive, well written and enlightening

4) Megalithic Survey of Ireland (Volumes 1-6)
I know that’s kind of cheating but… what a project, what ambition!

5) Peter Metcalf – The Life of the Longhouse
So much to think about in this book, I’ll be dipping into this for years if not decades

6) Colin Renfrew – Archaeology and Language
Again a great example of starting from base principles, ignoring established schools of thought and getting somewhere entirely new

7) Iain Armit et alNeolithic settlement in Ireland and Western Britain
Just a wonderful book, utterly useful, and captures a paradigm shift in action

8) Miles Russell – Digging Holes in Popular Culture: Archaeology & Science Fiction
Taught me that archaeological writing doesn’t always need to take itself too seriously and doesn’t need to be deep and meaningful to be worthwhile. Very entertaining

9) Peter Nabokov and Robert Easton – Native American Architecture
The book that turned me onto anthropology. Brilliantly written and illustrated too

10) W. F. Grimes – Excavations on Defense Sites 1939 – 1945: Mainly Neolithic-Bronze Age
Top class excavations, beautiful illustrations and done under such unconducive conditions. This book proves we never have an excuse to do sloppy work

Stuart Rathbone is Director of Fieldwork at Achill Archaeological Field School, Ireland


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