Dear Archaeologist & Castaway….

So you’re on your way home from an international conference, and, since you are frightened of flying, you are taking a ship. As you stand on deck idly recreating scenes from the Titanic, the ship lists suddenly and you’re cast into the ocean. Luckily, you beg a lift from a passing pod of dolphins. After happy adventures, the pod eventually sets you down on a beautiful desert island. As an afterthought, the pod also drops off a steamer trunk beside you. You open the steamer trunk to find ten great archaeological books, the exact ten great books that you would have chosen to keep you company until the end of time, or rescue, whichever comes first (we pray for GPS tracking).

So, my invitation for you is this: tell me what ten books are in your steamer trunk, and why, and then I’ll post it on here. You will be sharing your most inspirational archaeologically-related texts, and you can draw your list from any field of history, archaeology, heritage, fiction and non-fiction, and you can define the category of archaeology as broadly as you like – only, I want to know WHY these books matter to you, and why they are in your trunk…

Anyone and everyone involved with the subject in any capacity, be that work, study or passing interest, is welcome to take part.

Please email me your list:

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